Terms & Agreement

By Signing and submitting this form, I accept and understand that there is a no refund policy and all sales are Final under any and all circumstances and no refunds will be permitted. The Asia America Global Sourcing Center Tradeshow (AAGSC) is not affiliated with nor represents any other trade show organization. I understand that if AAGSC must be postponed or canceled for any act of god, business or legal or for any other reason, that current exhibitors and representatives with agreements will accept a new show date and venue determined by the show management. Pornographic or indecent materials and /or actions will not be permitted at or during the show dates. AAGSC reserves the right to alter the floor plan in and change exhibitor’s booth locations when needed and has the right to refuse the sale of any display. All exhibitors will hold harmless, protect and free of any responsibility AAGSC against any damages, all legal and advertising claims, offers, accidents, any exhibitors’ expenses or loses, errors in printing in the hard copy show directory and electronically and on AAGSC website, and warehouse storage, drayage and shipping damages occurring before, during overall set up, break down. AAGSC does not offer credit for exhibitor no-shows of products or cancellations. No display space will be held if payment has not been received within 10 days after show management receives this contract. Any balance due that has not been paid 60 days prior to show date will automatically be charged to credit card on file. All foreign language exhibitors should translate this agreement for full understanding. AAGSC is not responsible for any business transaction or sales that are done before, during trade show and after between exhibitor and buyer. It is prohibited for any person that is not an official exhibitor to do business at AAGSC. Not responsible for any damages to any part of the display package, rug or rentals by exhibitor. Exhibitor will hold harmless AAGSC and The Miami Merchandise Mart against any and all legal claims or potential lawsuits. AAGSC will not be held responsible for any damage to exhibitor’s sample goods and products. AAGSC does its best to guide buyers to sellers (exhibitors) but cannot guarantee sales.